Bronx Man Shoots Through His Door At Cops Then Sets His Own Apartment On Fire During Tense Stand-Off!

An unhinged Bronx man fired five shots at police through his apartment door as cops hiding behind ballistic shields tried to talk the gunman down during an hour-long standoff, newly released body camera video reveals.
A 911 caller reporting a man with a gun was acting erratically,brought police to the second-floor apartment on W. 183rd St. in University Heights about 10:30 a.m. Feb. 2.
When Emergency Services Unit officers removed the peephole from Samuel FosteraEUR(TM)s apartment door so they could look inside he leveled a gun at the hole they made and opened fire, the video shows.
Ducking behind a ballistic shield, cops ordered curious residents on the upper floors not to come down the stairs.
The officers didnaEUR(TM)t fire back and instead tried to talk Foster, 39, into surrendering.
aEURoeDude, weaEUR(TM)re just trying to talk to you,aEUR? one cop says. aEURoeWhat is going on today WeaEUR(TM)re trying to get you to an ambulance.aEUR?
aEURoeWhat can I do for you to put the gun down and talk to us aEUR? another cop asks.
Foster fired five shots out his peephole. Three hit the ballistic shield, one hit a hallway wall and one went into a neighboring apartment, police said.
Foster started a fire in his apartment and then fled out the fire escape, where he was ultimately caught.
He was charged with attempted murder and reckless endangerment and taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric treatment, police said. Posted by JR