California Health Care Worker Dies After Second Dose Of Covid Vaccine… Wife Wants An Investigation!

“Tim Zook’s last post on Facebook was optimistic. “I’ve never been so excited about taking shots,â€� he wrote on January 5th on a photo of Band-Aid on his arm and on a COVID-19 vaccination card. “I was completely vaccinated after my second vaccination with Pfizer.â€�

Zook, 60, was an X-ray technician at the South Coast Global Medical Center in Santa Ana. A few hours later, he suffered from upset stomach and dyspnea. By 3:30 pm, it was terrible for a colleague at work to take him to the emergency room. “Do you need to worry � His wife, Rochelle, sent a text message when she received the news. “No, absolutely not,� he sent back a text message. “Do you think this is a direct result of the vaccine � She typed. “No, no,� he said. “I don’t know what, but don’t worry.�

There was a suspicion of COVID and a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Zook was oxygenated and helped the BiPAP machine push air into the lungs after only four hours. Multiple tests returned negative for COVID.” – Eastbaytimes
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