Embarrassing: Miami Exotic Dancer Left A Stain On Man's Shirt… Girlfriend Caught It All!

“So hereaEUR(TM)s the back story behind this. So we were in Miami for my birthday and we went to a strip club , lol idk why I wanted him to get a lap dance but I did , so I come across her , Yano ass looked fat and nice body coo , so IaEUR(TM)m enjoying the dance or whatever after she get’s done… he tells me thereaEUR(TM)s a stain on his shirt dY~- an when she was bouncing up an down her shxt smelt iffy dY~- Lord I was in real tears and didnaEUR(TM)t even peep it was in the videos the whole time dY?GBP” – Via WORLDSTAR Inbox
Posted by Thrillz