Hong Kong Man Gets Engaged To A Sex Doll Who Sleeps By His Bed Every Night!

A man from Hong Kong has decided to spend the rest of his life with a sex doll.

Tse Tin Wing, 36, who lives with his parents, got engaged to his doll Mochi earlier this month in a small ceremony attended by friends and family, as he said that she is aEURoeeasier to dateaEUR? than a real woman.

The Sun reported that Tse first learned that he was attracted to dolls about 10 years ago after spotting one at a store in Hong KongaEUR(TM)s retail district and finally got his own doll in late 2019 after ordering one from mainland China.

aEURoeA doll cost 80,000 yuan (RM50,160) at that time, so I had to dispel my thoughts as I could not afford her,aEUR? he said.

aEURoeBut in 2019, I found a silicone doll on the internet that was on sale and cost about 10,000 yuan (RM6,270) so I ordered it.aEUR?

Tse has also showered his bride-to-be with lavish gifts such as an iPhone 12 Pro Max since they started aEURoedatingaEUR?. Posted By PSmooth