Montgomery Maryland Sheriff’s Deputy Fatally Shoots Man Who Attacked Him With A Stick & Caused 2 Car Accidents!

“A Montgomery County sheriffaEUR(TM)s deputy shot and killed a man in Gaithersburg on Saturday morning after the man caused two car crashes and attacked the deputy with a large piece of wood, Sheriff Darren M. Popkin said.

Beginning about 8 a.m. the man had been driving erratically heading out of the town of Laytonsville, Popkin said.

One driver swerved off the road to avoid him, crashing into a telephone pole. The man then crashed head-on into a second vehicle at the intersection of Olney Laytonsville Road and Fieldcrest Road.

The crashes and the strange driving led several people to call 911.

Popkin said the manaEUR(TM)s car rolled on for about 20 feet after the second collision. He then got out of his car and used a large piece of wood to try to attack the people he had just crashed into.

The sheriffaEUR(TM)s deputy was driving to work in Rockville and either heard about the 911 calls or just happened to be passing, Popkin said. He stopped at the scene to help when the man turned on him.” – Washington Post
Posted by Horus