"Donald Trump Will Be Sworn In As The 19th President Of America On March 4th" QAnon Followers Claiming This Will Happen!

“This is the latest conspiracy that QAnon followers have embraced in the wake of President Joe BidenaEUR(TM)s inauguration last week, and extremist experts are worried that it highlights the way QAnon adherents are beginning to merge their beliefs aEUR” about the world being run by an elite cabal of cannibalistic satanist pedophiles aEUR”with even more extreme ideologies.

The latest claims being made by QAnon supporters echo those of the sovereign citizen movement, a group of people who believe they are not governed by the same laws as everyone else.

That belief has led to violent confrontations with law enforcement have viewed them among the top domestic extremist threats facing the country.

aEURoeThere was some crossover between QAnon and the sovereign citizen movement before, but I’ve seen sovereign citizen ideas about the United States being a aEUR~corporationaEUR(TM) become more popular within QAnon and beyond in January,aEUR? Travis View, a conspiracy theory researcher, told VICE News.” – VICEvia @thesingingbri
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