She Thick: Meet The Highest Paid Female Football Player!

HAILING from Atlanta Georgia, Santia Deck is the 5ft 1″ dynamo who recently made history by becoming the highest-paid woman to play professional football – signing a multi-million dollar deal with the WomenaEUR(TM)s Football League Association (WFLA). Dubbed “The Queen of Abs” as a collegiate athlete for her rippling six pack, Santia Deck has created a successful brand off the back of this nickname with thousands of followers on her social media. Bringing together her sports career with her love of glamorous outfits, Santia has established herself as a go to influencer for a host of brands looking for some star quality. As Santia prepares for her first professional season, she needs to keep on top of her fitness. We hit the gym to see Santia put to the test by her coaches, who are forever pushing her to the limit. As the tempo increases, can Santia handle the pace Posted By Ghost