Skier Gets Chased Down A Hill By A Bear!

A tourist skiing on Saturday on the slope in Predeal a had the misfortune to meet one Bear who began to follow him and ran after him. The incident was noticed by people sitting in the chairlift. They tried to warn the skier at risk.

“Give it faster, give it faster! Come on he’s chasing you ursul! Give it up faster! God forbid don’t look back! “The people in the chairlift were yelling at him.

Fortunately, after the unexpected encounter with the animal, the young man was able to escape safely. The spokesman for the District Inspectorate of the Gendarmerie, Ion Zaharia, told Digi24 that the tourist did the right thing when at one point he threw his backpack and the bear was busy investigating this object and the danger was overcome. Posted by Abdul