Texas Just Banned MLK Speech, History Of Native Americas, Women's Suffrage, Slavery & More From School Teachings! (Passes Anti-CRT Bill)

“The Texas Senate on Friday passed legislation that would end requirements that public schools include writings on womenaEUR(TM)s suffrage and the civil rights movement in social studies classes.
Among the figures whose works would be dropped: Susan B. Anthony, Cesar Chavez, and Martin Luther King Jr., whose aEURoeI Have a Dream”speech and aEURoeLetter from a Birmingham JailaEUR? would no longer make the curriculum cut.

The bill (S.B. 3), which was passed on a vote of 18 to 4, now is stalled because the House canaEUR(TM)t achieve a quorum while a breakaway group of Democrats is out of the state. The special session is set to end on Aug. 6.

It would remove more than two dozen teaching requirements from a new law (H.B 3979) that bars the teaching of critical race theory, an academic framework exploring racismaEUR(TM)s shaping of the country.

That law included a list of historic figures, events and documents required for inclusion in social studies classes. The Senate-passed bill would remove most mentions of people of color and women from those requirements, along with a requirement that students be taught about the history of white supremacy and aEURoethe ways in which it is morally wrong.aEUR?”- Bloomberglaw.com
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