The Story Of The Shark Island Holocaust!

Shark Island or “Death Island” was one of five concentration camps located on Shark Island off LA 1/4 deritz, in Central Namibia. It was used by the German Empire during the Herero and Namaqua genocide of 1904aEUR”1908. Between 1,032 and 3,000 Herero and Namaqua men, women, and children died in the camp between its opening in 1905 and its closing in April 1907.

On 12 January 1904, the Herero people rebelled against German colonial rule under the leadership of Samuel Maharero. Origins of the Herero revolt date back to the 1890s when tribes settled in Namibia came under pressure from the growing number of German settlers wanting their land, cattle, and labor. Factors such as loss of property, increasing debt in an attempt to resettle lost herds, low wages on white-owned farms, and racial inequalities only intensified the hostility between the Herero and the Germans.[11]

When the Herero rebelled, they killed over 100 German settlers near the town of Okahandja. Over 15,000 German reinforcements under the command of Lothar Von Trotha defeated the Herero force at the Waterberg River in August 1904.

Two months later, the Nama people broke out in a similar rebellion against German colonists. Traditional rivalries prevented the Herero and Nama from joining together, however both groups continued fighting guerrilla warfare against the German colonial forces.

Following the abandonment of Lothar von Trotha’s policy of exterminating Herero within the borders of German South West Africa by denying them access to water holes, the colonial authorities adopted a policy of sweeping the bush clear of Herero aEUR” both civilians and rebels aEUR” and removing them, either voluntarily or by force, to concentration camps.
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