Tried The Wrong One: Aftermath Of Elderly Asian Woman Beating Her Attacker With A Stick!

A 70-year-old Asian woman, injured by a much younger man she said was “bullying” her, successfully beat up her attacker on San Francisco’s Market Street Wednesday morning.

The incident happened in an area near U.N. Plaza where older Asian women can often be seen selling food items and groceries. As KPIX reports, around 10:30 a.m., near the intersection of McAllister and Market streets, a man who appeared to be in his 30s assaulted the elderly woman, injuring her in the face and head. The woman was armed with a stick, however, and witnesses say they saw her beating the man — and a KPIX reporter shot some video showing him being wheeled away on a stretcher.

Still on the scene, after police arrived, the woman could be heard yelling in Chinese at the man, “You bum, why did you bully me ” and “He hit me, he hit me!” Posted By Ghost