Tried The Wrong One: Attempted Burglar Gets Beat Up In Front Of A House!

Backstory: Man who got knocked out was trying to break into the neighbors house. Other man heard neighbors screaming and saw him trying to get into the front door walks over filming and said, “Hey buddy you need to leave cops are on the way.”

“Oh yeah and what are you going to do about it ”

And starts following the other man in the blue shirt.

Blue shirt man says, “If you keep following me I’m going to kick your f**kin azz.”

He then starts approaching the blue shirted man more aggressively and says, “Where you goin! Where you going You going to kick my azz! ”

Blue shirted man says, “Yeah come over here.”

Attempted burglar says, “Okay.”

Blue shirted man tosses soda can to the side and says “Hey watch this, hold my phone, hold this phone.”

And then proceeds to kicking the guys azz.

Posted By Ghost